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When we were growing up, Shaun was closer to a brother than a friend. He must have spent more time at my house than his own. My parents knew Shauns home life wasnt exactly, uh, well it wasnt in any danger of being adapted into a Hallmark movie, thats for sure. So they let him spend the night any time he needed to or come over for dinner whenever he wanted, even spend the weekend. But my parents didnt realize just how terrible Shauns home was, not until it was too late to help him. They did. * WARNING. This is going to be a very very long post, so strap on. I tried avoiding spoilers for the books or marking them as much as I could, but it was sometimes necessary to prove my point. Though I provide a tl; dr right below I urge you to bear with me and read the whole post to get what I'm trying to say. TL; DR. I hated the show so much, not because it was a bad TV series but because it's a bad adaptation. It felt more like it was inspired by the franchise than based on it. The mul.

Hey guys, I am a huge film buff and one of my favorite movies with friends is "L.A. Confidential" 1974) which they also say are great with each other. I think I am pretty into movies, I watch about 30 a year, but am always looking for something different. Any suggestions. According to all known laws of aviation. After almost 20 years, I was finally able to force myself to play Crash Bandicoot again. Because I still love you, Ive compiled a list (in no particular order) of more cool horrors that may have passed you by. I'm lucky to have married 2 great women in my life (long. #Please be considerate and tag all your spoilers in discussion ( gt!spoiler!lt becomes gt!spoiler!lt) There was one thing I knew about the sequels going in: they are wildly divisive. While the originals are mostly revered and the prequels mostly reviled, the reactions to the sequels run to both extremes and everything in between even among the reasonable fans. That made me doubly curious. I have “done my duty” in watching the rest of the movies, but my history with Star Wars doesnt g.

My 12 year old came out to me as trans last night and I really need advice. A seemingly deaf-mute man appears out of nowhere in 1955, Czechoslovakia, after being targetted by secret services for years, his identity is unknown to this day. I've been living in a 400 year old house my whole life. Many people died here, let me tell you my experiences so far.




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