director: Liam Owen, Brian Skiba


country: USA

writed by: Michael Z. Gordon

A film crew follows the story of a young girl from the Midwest who went to Hollywood with aspirations of becoming a successful actress. When she failed to find work, she arrives in Austin purportedly to star in what she believes is a soft-porn film. However, after discovering the contents of the screenplay, the film crew comes to realize that this is no ordinary film and in fact, it could lead to horrific consequences for this naive young girl

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[05/25/19 11:00AM] HWS: Slaughter Creek Trail Loop. Slaughter Creek was filmed in the Austin area for 1,000,000. Didn't make their budget in theater gross, but I suspect they'll do well in streaming and DVD and whatever is yet to come. Better than Blair Witch which jolted the genera into mainstream consciousness. Head and shoulders above Tiny Furniture (what's the big deal about that anyway. I guess I don't get it.
I was particularly impressed with SC's visual effects and cinematography; although I could have done without some of those gratuitous bouncing images and other goofy "low-tech" shots (I presume most of them were gratuitous. That last lingering "picture" in the police interview surely said half again more than a thousand words. Goldfish (previous review) missed the boat not seeing the ending. It's worth sitting through the whole discombobulating thing to see that one shot.
I'm gonna take another look at Slaughter Creek knowing now that it was unscripted! The actors were apparently told what a scene was supposed to do and what they could and could not say (for legal reasons. then they just winged it. Surely as good as Boys Life 6, which got the director the job doing The Ruins(way to go!
This director knows how to make a movie (he's experienced. This casting director knows how to cast, etc. etc. I figure we'll see these actors. and probably anybody who had anything to do with this production again.
Well worth a peek.

Slaughter Creek at 1826 reached a record height of 11.06 feet breaking record from 1981 by almost a foot. [05/05/18 11:30AM] HWS: Slaughter Creek Trail Loop. [10/14/18 09:00AM] Balcones Canyonlands Preserve Friends: RESCHEDULED Slaughter Creek Nature Hike. [10/21/18 01:00PM] HWS: Slaughter Creek Trail Loop.

[04/20/19 07:30PM] Balcones Canyonlands Preserve Friends: Sunset on Slaughter Creek Hike. [06/22/19 10:30AM] HWS: Slaughter Creek Trail Loop.




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