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I know its for his role, but Tom Hanks is getting old. We lost Robin Williams, Michael Jackson, John Witherspoon, etc. We need to do A better job at fully appreciating what we have.
Damnit I'm already crying and it's just the trailer.
I don't know why I'm crying while watching the trailer and having a feeling that this movie will make me cry 😭😭😭😭😭.

I loved the book and think I will love the movie! Go Enzo. but think we will need a box of kleenex. This was my favorite book that I read last year. I SOBBED when i finished it. My friend happened to come over and I couldnt stop crying, but I couldnt tell her why. Ugh. I cant wait to see this. This scene was a lot heavier in the movie, and better for it.

How have I never seen this movie? I know what I'm doing tonight

I just finished the movie 😭😭😭😭😭 its sooo good 💙💙💙

My new all-time favorite movie ❤️. Read the book, cried at the end, pretty good. I feel like original movies are gonna make a comeback (even if theyre adaptations) so tired of remakes and nostalgia. Exclusively for PS4. This is by far the best movie i have seen of its kind in 2019 well written and played if i had a say so. This movie would get the highest award for all around best of everything winning award. Thank you Minty Comedic Arts. It's a good movie... honestly it is. I dont know anything about this movie but thumbs up if tiggy of sons of anarchy brought you here. Is anyone else getting “the girl on the train” vibes. Amy is a freaking solid actress.



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