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We just installed a home theater. I am not a movie buff. Looking for good hd action movies on Netflix to break in the home theater Thanks. Im contemplating if theres much benefit in getting big L/R towers, assuming you have a good sub, that are bigger than your center if your use case is all home theater (movies and tv shows) where the center is more heavily relied upon. Does it make more sense to get the best center you can afford and then a matching L/R set that performs roughly equally. I work at a movie theater and Im so glad they finally let me take home the 5 foot poster, this is now a fine addition to my movie room.

Like, “tonight me and my girlfriend are gonna stay in and *watch* Pulp Fiction” as opposed to “I *saw* Joker in theaters”. You would never say you went to the theater and *watched* Joker, nor would you say you stayed in and *saw* Pulp Fiction. Does anybody have anything to say about this.

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. Is there much benefit in having L/R towers bigger than your center for only home theater use. [WP] Bruce invites Clark to watch the new Batman V Superman Movie at his personal home theater. Movie ends, Bruce Loves it, Clark hates it. Dope home movie theater in my basement. 120" screen, reclining stadium seating, htpc, 15" woofer, Playstation 2,3,4 and Buttkickers.

Why isnt there an option to have a channel on TV dedicated to watching new movies that are released in theaters so you can instead choose to watch it in the comfort of your own home, and you just pay the price of a movie ticket to watch it. Normally it should says 1080p AAC 2.0. In my case it just says 2.0 and I cannot see what quality the movie is. TV shows work perfect. I *r~ecomm&end ~the site HoMe TheaTer Movie #WatchHome Theater MovieOnlineOnline,FidelityLabs.

Home theater movie suggestions. So, I've narrowed down the movie posters to frame and hang in my theater, I'm having a tough choice for the last one, it's a choice between a classic Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Big Lebowski, The Goonies or Spaceballs. Your votes will decide for me! Thanks.


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