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Log in at Anastasia Date and surf by Russian women profiles. I feel that Anastasia is one of the best animated films I've seen; and believe me, at twenty years old I grew up watching animated films from Disney and the like. The premise is that in 1923 the Romanov family was overthrown in the Bolshevik Revolt which plunged Russia into Communism. In this animated version, the villain is the former advisor; Rasputin. Most critics of this movie feel that this character is unnecessary and fictional. There is some historical basis for the character, and if one pays close attention it is stated that he planted the seed of hate which caused the uprising. Villains are necessary for a children's movie; and before you criticize too much, this is a children's movie. The story picks up ten years later with orphaned Anya setting off to find her past; and consequently, her future. Along the way she is guided by con men Dimitri and Vladamir, both of whom were formerly connected to the royal court. Even though the historical context is lacking, and as a child care provider I can say this, you cannot have such a tragic story presented to children. To hold their interest, it has to include a fun plot, cute characters, and a story that is fresh and exciting. All things in life don't have happy endings, true, but in a child's idealic world, we should not kill their innocence. Anastasia is a fun family movie that makes you feel good and also gives you a good taste of Russia and Paris in the thirties. I loved it.

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