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Nganç Watch Doce Online Rollingstone Doce Vingança in hindi download filmywap. Free watch sweet revenge free. Linda (Carrie Fisher) promised her writer husband, long ago, on a balloon, that she would stick by him if he would put her through law school. Fast Forward. Marriage is not everlasting bliss. Linda, a very successful attorney, is granted a divorce but is ordered to pay substantial alimony to John, the ex, until he should remarry in the future. Linda is somewhat ticked and hires an actress named Kate (Rosanna Arquette) to worm her way into a relationship and eventual marriage to John. Kate is a trooper, a ditzy one, albeit. Could there be a spanner in the works? Those who like light, romantic comedy will enjoy this film. Fisher and Arquette are perfect foils for each other and the rest of the cast is quite capable. Costumes and the Paris ambiance are nice as well and the script has some surprising twists and turns. Never mean spirited, this revenge turns out to be the best medicine for everyone. The same is true for anyone who happens upon this film at the video store or library.

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