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country: USA
duration: 76M
release year: 2018
star: Ashlyn Alessi
summary: Last Vermont Christmas is a TV movie starring Erin Cahill, Justin Bruening, and Ashlyn Alessi. The Marvin sisters gather for what may be their last Christmas at their childhood home

Alex Goldberg, Sammy Buck
audience score=12 Vote
cast=Julie Craig

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duration - 54 minutes
Genre - Documentary
abstract - Metodi is made of thousands of intertwined stories. He captures their combined meaning and preserves them inside an invisible chest at the Museum of the Attic. But he doesn't just retell the forgotten past - he also stands up for various contemporary lost causes. Atop his latest acquisition - a locomotive saved from rust and oblivion - Metodi is powering down the shining tracks towards next battle

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  • countries - France
  • stars - Carrie Fisher
  • scores - 227 votes
  • Directed by - Charlotte Brändström
  • Average ratings - 6,2 of 10

Dying To Be Thin Watching Via Proxy

Documentary. director Denise Stanley. USA

Czech Subtitle Preview Die Bleierne Zeit 172

Directed by: Margarethe von Trotta
Rating: 1668 Vote
Germany, 1968: The priest's daughters Marianna and Juliane both fight for changes in society, like making abortion legal. However their means are totally different: while Juliane's committed as a reporter, her sister joins a terroristic organization. After she's caught by the police and put into isolation jail, Juliane remains as her last connection to the rest of the world. Although she doesn't accept her sister's arguments and her boyfriend Wolfgang doesn't want her to, Juliane keeps on helping her sister. She begins to question the way her sister is treated


  1. Duration 83Minute
  2. genres Thriller
  3. Writed by Richard W. Haines
  4. countries USA
  5. release year 1995

Solo: The Director & Cast Roundtable 2048X1536 Vodlocker 1440P

average ratings=6,8 of 10 star

Score=14 Vote

duration=22 Minute

actor=Ron Howard


Creator: Tony Briggs / Tomatometers: 7,7 / 10 / Australia / Actor: Jessica Mauboy / Genre: Drama

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