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  • Genres=Family
  • Average Ratings=6,1 / 10 stars
  • cast=Joseph Motiki
  • directed by=Ron Pitts
  • The Rescue Heroes face their biggest challenge yet as a series of freak lightning storms begin to wreak havoc worldwide

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casts=Eli Anne Linnestad. abstract=Fem døgn i august is a movie starring Margrete Robsahm, Kjersti Døvigen, and Eli Anne Linnestad. Viveca is 31 and divorced, having a 6 year old son. She has moved together with her friend Aud, living as artists. We follow them in. scores=34 votes. genre=Drama. country=Norway

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audience score - 22 vote Comedy synopsis - When filmmaker Will Lautzenheiser's limbs are amputated, his life is derailed and he turns to stand-up comedy as therapy. Meanwhile, a world-famous medical team is performing transplants that restore bodies to unprecedented levels. Despite grave risks, Will agrees to undergo an experimental double-arm transplant in the hope of reclaiming his independence Star - Marie José Benjamin Country - USA

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writed by Matt Irving, Jascha Muller. runtime 1 hours 9min. Matt Irving. Sport. Score 18 votes

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Country Germany / Writed by Ulli Stephan / Release Date 2014 / audience score 99 vote / average Rating 5 of 10

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