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82M Ghoulish is a movie starring Felissa Rose, James Lewis Letteri, and Lynna Premo Cuneo. Based on Conversations with an actual necrophile, GHOULISH is the story of a peculiar man (James Letteri) who details the events in his life that USA 2018 Stars Lynna Premo Cuneo, Felissa Rose

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This film was definitely sick and twisted as well as masterfully combines humor and horror as well. Director Jeff Hayes did a great job in showing us sickness of necrophilla and how far someone would go like Henry did. Director Jeff Hayes did his homework and research very well to incorporate as much realism into this main character, Henry as possible. I also think this film made this film also more entertaining by bring in two of the sleepaway camp franchise, Felissa Rose and Daryl Wilcher. I am looking forward to see a sequel if one is going to get made. Thanks to all those who made this film. Great job Everyone.




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