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Runtime: 90 M Matthew T. Price story: Other Halves is a movie starring Lauren Lakis, Mercedes Manning, and Lianna Liew. A team of programmers develop a revolutionary new dating app called Other Halves. On the night before the app is set to launch, they discover it USA Matthew T. Price

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Other Halves



Unlike the other reviewers I honestly enjoyed this movie,it was quirky,fun,and different. The premise was somewhat original and the acting, although not great,wasn't't too over the top,as a B(and C) grade horror movie fan I have seen a lot worse, particularly in recent years. For me,a movie is to be enjoyed no matter what the genre and sitting around picking them to pieces is pointless and deliberately sets yourself up to NOT enjoy a movie. Other Halves had some original lines which I haven't heard in other movies and made me laugh,and the gratuitous nudity from two lovely looking ladies didn't do the movie any harm either,it also kept me second guessing as to who was doing what to whom almost to the end,which for me is a must,particularly when so many movies are so predictable these days right down to the in all,whilst not a movie I would watch more than once I would recommend Other Halves to any lover of B grade horror/thriller/slasher movies.


OTHER HALVES is super-creepy, has a really cool under-lying concept and is pretty damn sexy for an indie horror film. I agree with some of the other reviewers about the cinematography and lighting being exceptional. I also really liked the use of saturated color. It reminded me of a 70's Italian horror flick and really added to the surrealism and sci-fi feel which is a nice twist on modern horror. I felt the acting was really intense and real which also really added to the experience. If you're into more intelligent horror, rather than just another SAW rip-off, this is your film! Highly recommend.

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