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casts Oliver Driver, Sophie McBride; 1977 votes; release Year 2009; country New Zealand; Teenage twins battle dark forces hidden beneath Auckland's volcanoes

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Under the mountain watch movie free. Under the mountain watch movie reviews. Under the Mountain Watch movie page. 3 wins & 5 nominations. See more awards » Edit Storyline After their mother dies, teen twins Rachel and Theo are sent to live with relatives in Auckland, where they come across three alien races. The seven shapeshifting Wilberforces love all things rotten and seek to lay waste all of Earth through the power of the seven Gargantua, enormous slug-like creatures trapped, one apiece, under Auckland's seven volcanoes but soon to free themselves. Mr. Jones is an alien too, the surviving twin of a pair come to use their fire powers on the other aliens. Only twins can unleash the firepower from a set of magic stones, but after failure with a previous set of twins, Jones hasn't much hope for Rachel and Theo, though he doesn't know they can tele-communicate with each other. Written by statmanjeff Plot Summary | Add Synopsis Motion Picture Rating ( MPAA) Rated PG-13 for frightening action and peril, and for some sensuality See all certifications » Details Release Date: 10 December 2009 (New Zealand) See more » Also Known As: Хранители огня Box Office Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $662, 879 See more on IMDbPro » Company Credits Technical Specs See full technical specs » Did You Know? Quotes Theo: What would your old man say if he knew what you were doing in here last night? Ricky: I wasn't doing anything thanks to you. What do you want? Connections Remake of Under the Mountain (1981) See more ».

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Under the Mountain Watch. YouTube. Under the mountain watch movie online. Under the mountain watch movie 2016. Critics Consensus No consensus yet. Tomatometer Not Yet Available TOMATOMETER Total Count: N/A 23% Audience Score User Ratings: 753 Under the Mountain Ratings & Reviews Explanation Movie Info A brother and sister are chosen for a magical mission in this upbeat fantasy. Rachel (Sophie McBride) and Theo (Thomas Cameron) are twin siblings in their early teens with a special gift -- they can speak to one another without talking through telepathy. However, while Rachel is fascinated with this unusual talent, Theo is wary and avoids using it. After their mother dies under mysterious circumstances, Rachel and Theo are sent to live with an aunt and uncle in Auckland, where Theo becomes all the more determined not to abuse his supernatural powers. However, both siblings are fascinated by a strange old house not far from their new home, and when they sneak inside to get a closer look, they discover it's home to a handful of zombie-like beings living in a swampy pit. The day after, as Rachel and Theo try to figure out what they've found, they encounter Jones (Sam Neill), a centuries-old wizard who believes the twins have special powers that can defeat the dangerous creatures lurking in the old house once and for all. Adapted from a book for young people by Maurice Gee, Under The Mountain was an official selection at the 2009 Toronto Film Festival. Rating: PG-13 Genre: Directed By: Written By: In Theaters: Dec 10, 2009 wide On Disc/Streaming: Aug 10, 2010 Runtime: 90 minutes Studio: Walt Disney Pictures Cast Critic Reviews for Under the Mountain Audience Reviews for Under the Mountain Under the Mountain Quotes Movie & TV guides.

Disclaimer: This thread is a collection of criticisms of youtuber Boogie2988's public online behavior. Each and every criticism is backed up by screenshots and video clips directly from the source in their full context. All sources of information in this thread are publicly available shared publicly by the parties involved. No where in this thread is Boogie being accused of beating his wife or anything he didn't say or do. Boogie's inconsistent and contradictory claims about having bipolar disorder: Boogie is often criticized for using his mental health as an excuse for his terrible behavior. Recently the validity of one of his many self-proclaimed mental health issues came into question. Leading many to question if he was lying to garner sympathy. On Oct 10th 2019, In response to a user on twitter, Boogie claims he has never been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and never claimed to have been diagnosed either: However, in a reddit post made by him on March 28th 2012 he listed three mental disorders he "overcame" during his life, one of which he claims was Bipolar personality disorder. He further emphasized that these were "medically diagnosed" disorders: In 2020, when questioned in Twitter messages about this inconsistency Boogie changed his story once again, now claiming he had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder as a child, which is what his 2012 reddit post was referring to. Albeit still contradicting his 2019 tweet about never being diagnosed: Boogie's egirl controversy (fake apologies, lies, and censorship): In March of 2019 Boogie randomly decided to tag various female content creators in a tweet he made. Calling them "e-girls" and going on about how "super cute" he thought they were. This caused some backlash, mostly due to how many female content creators consider the term "e-girl" to be offensive and disrespectful. After receiving this backlash, Boogie made a tweet stating he now understood why e-girl was an offensive term and was "genuinely sorry" for ever using it: On that same day, in a response tweet to some of the women Boogie tagged in his original tweet, he promised he was deleting e-girl from his vocabulary, vowing to never use the term again: Not even a year later on January 2nd 2020, Boogie posted a video guide on "how to be an e-girl" to his Youtube channel. After Boogie once again started to receive criticism for his use of the term "e-girl" in his new video, he quickly changed both the title and thumbnail. When fans in the comments noticed the change Boogie lied and claimed he had no idea e-girl was derogatory or offensive despite previously learning all this in March of 2019: and When a twitter user asked Boogie to explain this contradiction, Boogie blocked him immediately then sent him a DM claiming he had "forgot" e-girl was a negative term: Boogie lies about being swatted and tries to blame this subreddit In December 2019 Boogie began making very serious accusations towards this subreddit by claiming that this subreddit had "swatted" him a total of twice in that month: After going through all of the moderation logs for the month of December no evidence was found to support these claims. When asked for evidence on his end, Boogie's story started to change with him now claiming he didn't know who in particular had swatted him while still insisting that it happened. However, Fayetteville Police Department's public dispatch logs revealed that no officers were sent to Boogie's place of residence in the entire month of December. When presented with this information, Boogie claimed that he had made an arrangement with the Fayetteville Police Department to purge the dispatch records after a welfare check in July of 2019. This was quickly proven to be untrue as the Fayetteville Police had dispatch logs of a welfare check in November 2019, nearly 4 months after Boogie had claimed they stopped keeping records. When told this information, Boogie responded by blaming the Fayetteville Police claiming it must have been a mistake of their end: Boogie went on to say that the Fayetteville Police Department gave him not one but "many" undocumented visits in the year of 2019, which he claimed was why their official records contradicted his claims. Boogie also told a twitter user in a private message that he had made an "agreement" with Fayetteville Police Department to stop recording their visits to him: Boogie said this despite the fact that Arkansas state legislation makes it mandatory for the police department to keep a record each and every time an officer is dispatched for whatever reason: In addition, Fayetteville Police have confirmed via email that under no circumstances do they ever omit dispatch calls from their public records: When faced with this mountain of evidence against him, Boogie finally admitted to lying about the whole thing. Claiming that he intentionally falsely accused his critics of committing a federal crime and the Fayetteville Police Department of violating state record keeping laws for his own amusement and to make his critics look bad: When faced with backlash for lying about his critics swatting him, Boogie said in a private message to a critic on twitter that he is willing to risk going to jail to make his critics look bad because he has nothing left to lose: In response to backlash from even his own fans on Youtube Boogie stated that he was glad he lied about swatting is willing to keep lying if it makes his critics look bad: Boogie lies about being hacked and tries to blame this subreddit Less than 24 hours after admitting to lying about being swatted, Boogie's twitter profile name was changed to ". " and his profile/banner pictures were removed: Shortly after the bizarre profile change, Boogie posted from his alternate twitter account claiming he was hacked and immediately blamed this subreddit: Given the convenient timing as well as the fact that he had just admitted to a similar lie, many were skeptical of his story. Additionally, the hacker didn't seem to be doing anything with Boogie's account other than changing the name and profile picture as well as deleting a few embarrassing tweets made by Boogie himself. In response to people's skepticism, Boogie claimed this subreddit was framing him to make it look like he faked being hacked: The very next day Boogie got his account back and made a tweet claiming that the hacker used the streaming app "Mobcrush" to hack into his twitter account. Boogie also posted all of his recent twitter log ins which showed 5 log ins from his normal IP and one from Mobcrush: In reponse to Boogie's explanation, Mobrush made an official statement on twitter stating that it was impossible for a hacker to gain access to a user's twitter account in the manner Boogie was describing and that the IP Boogie had posted was from their own AWS servers, proving that Boogie had lied about being hacked via their app: Boogie responded to this in a tweet claiming he now had "no clue" how he got hacked while still denying any possiblity that he had lied, urging people to "use their brains" and believe his word over the all other evidence: Boogie and manipulation One of the most common criticisms towards Boogie is that he has a tendency to be manipulative. This is a criticism that Boogie vehemently denies, calling it a "falsehood" which is "unfair and untrue" and blocking anyone who even mentions it: Additionally, in a (now deleted) Youtube video Boogie rejected any notion that he could possibly be a manipulative person. However, a video posted by Boogie in 2012 following an argument with a friend was recently rediscovered. In this video Boogie confesses that he struggles with being manipulative due to the skill set he learned through childhood and most of his adulthood. Below are direct quotes from the video with timestamps. "As many of you know I came from an abusive home, and the skill set I was originally given was poison. I learned not how to negotiate but to manipulate" "When it comes to some serious deep important stuff, my skill set still relies on manipulation, and anger, and frustration. I think we all rely on that, maybe that's why I haven't learned a good skill set for that particular challenge because there isn't really a good skill set. I think everybody has to get a little angry to stand up for themselves, I think everybody has to get a little manipulative to get what they want. " "Today was one of those days, today I had a conversation with a friend and I said manipulative hate filled angry things. And hopefully it didn't cost me my friendship with that person" Boogie's inconsistent car accident story: The following is a summary of a car accident Boogie was involved in and the aftermath. This section is not about concluding what did or didn't happen at the time of the accident, only to showcase how the details of Boogie's story frequently changed before leaving the decision up to the reader. On November 24th 2019 Boogie announced on Twitter that he was involved in a traffic accident. He described the accident as a "big pileup" caused by a semi truck driver having a stroke. Questions began to arise shortly after as there were no news reports, tweets, or police scanners mentioning anything about a large pileup involving a semi truck. Meanwhile Boogie had posted a video of himself using his phone while driving mere hours before the accident: The video of himself driving while on his phone caused many people to speculate if Boogie himself had caused the accident by being distracted while on his phone. That's when the details of his story began to change, starting with Boogie posting photos of the damage to his car while now claiming he had run the car into a ditch: A few days later Boogie posted a video to his youtube channel, changing even more details about the accident. In the video Boogie claims the semi truck was miles ahead of him to the point where he couldn't even see it and only him and the car in front of him were in any confirmed accident, with Boogie rear ending them due to following too close. Which he ended up getting a ticket for. Boogie dismissed the speculation of distracted driving by insisting that despite being on his phone hours prior, he wasn't on his phone during the time of the accident. Boogie continued to defend himself by claiming he seldom used his phone while driving for anything except GPS, and that the day of the accident was an exception. However, a Youtuber made a video in response this, compiling a nearly 8 minute long video of Boogie using his phone while driving all within the last few months: In a last ditch effort to prove that he was not driving while distracted, Boogie posted a picture of his traffic ticket to twitter. Analysis of the ticket revealed the Traffic code violation for a TN law called "due care law" which is used as (but not limited to) a punishment for distracted drivers: Boogie confronts trans content creator "Kat Blaque" at Vidcon 2019 On October 19th 2018 trans content creator Kat Blaque made a tweet criticizing Boogie for his opinion about the lack of importance of preferred pronouns in the trans community. In July of 2019, Boogie confronted Kat in person at Vidcon. Kat describes the interaction as Boogie attempting to blame her for him wanting to kill himself. Kat goes on to describe how she felt "cornered" by Boogie and mentions that the confrontation upset her greatly as it reminded her of abuse she had previously endured: Shortly after Kat shared her story on twitter. Boogie made a few tweets in response confirming that the confrontation did happen, and proceeding to accuse Kat of making it all about her and shaming her for talking about it publicly: Boogie shares a private email sent to him by fellow youtuber Apollo Legend while cropping most of the email and misrepresenting what the email was about. Boogie often claims that he is frequently being sent harassing emails from "haters" which do nothing but attack him. In response to people asking for evidence of these emails, Boogie shared a single heavily cropped email from fellow youtuber "Apollo Legend" in which the only the first sentence of the email was visible: Apollo Legend himself responded to this tweet by providing the full email which clearly showed he was simply asking Boogie for explanations in a calm and rational manner. Upon finding out Apollo Legend was the one who sent the email, Boogie said Apollo was stupid for sending him the email at all: After being exposed and receiving backlash from even his own fans, Boogie was forced to apologize to Apollo: Boogie lies and blames his own racist comments on his chat: Years ago Boogie made racist comments on stream about the income of people of color: Years later in August 2019 when the clip resurfaced and began to gain traction on twitter, Boogie blamed his chat for making the statement. Claiming that he was simply rebutting it: However, he had previously admitted it was a joke he made himself and further analysis of the clip, stream delay, and typing speed proved it would have been literally impossible for his chat to write a comment in response to the donation comment and have him read it aloud all within 6 seconds. When confronted about this and the evidence against his claims that it was his chat who made the comment, Boogie blamed his memory: Controversial behavior following the death of an acquaintance On December 14th 2019, a friend of Boogie passed away. Upon hearing this information, Boogie began to tweet about his relationship with his friend. However, many people felt Boogie was focusing too much on himself, and using his friend's death as an opportunity to remind everyone of his own hardships and accomplishments while describing his late friend as his "cheerleader". A few days later Boogie started mentioning his friend's death while posting several links to his newest unrelated travel channel video of Disneyland, encouraging people to give it views in honor of his friend. Both critics and fans alike responded negatively to these tweets, as they felt like Boogie was using his friend's very recent passing as a way to promote his new and struggling travel channel. Boogie responded to this criticism by stating it was okay for him to use his friend's death for views because he knew him intimately and he would have been glad he did it. A short while later Boogie deleted all the tweets mentioning his friend while linking to his new video as well as his response to the resulting criticism. Dog biting controversy: Controversy arose on January 14th 2020 during a livestream when Boogie bit his Dog "Sammy" as part of a joke on stream. After the bite caused Sammy to flinch, Boogie could be heard saying "Did I hurt you? " and "Did I startle you? " while trying to console Sammy: Many people considered this both careless and abusive treatment of his dog. Boogie responded by saying anyone upset by his treatment of his dog was lying and insisting that his dog "felt no pain" during the bite despite the negative reaction: Boogie also posted a video clip to his Twitter asking his fans opinion on the dog biting. However this only seemed to make matters worse as this clip conveniently cut out most of the actual biting, leading many twitter users to point this out while posting the full clip: When asked on reddit about why he posted a trimmed down version of the full clip, Boogie responded by claiming he didn't edit the clip at all and simply took it directly from the clips on his twitch page: However, this was proven to be a lie as the clip uploaded to twitter was only 9 seconds long while every clip currently on his twitch page of the biting was much longer, with the shortest clip being 14 seconds long. Boogie fails his 2020 New Years resolution, blames the internet, and deletes the video On January 1st 2020 Boogie uploaded a New Years video to his Youtube channel, begging his audience to give him another chance while promising this time the change was real and he was a new person. In the video, Boogie made 4 resolutions and promises to his audience. He was going to not respond to negativity or give negativity any attention, he was going to stop making self-deprecating jokes, he was going to be grateful of his remaining audience, and he was going to think before he spoke. All of which he failed almost immediately. For an in depth analysis of how each resolution was broken you can check out this post: A few days later, Boogie posted a tweet admitting he had failed his resolutions on day 1, blaming the internet for his failure by challenging his desire to stay positive. Fans were not happy about this as they felt Boogie was once again making excuses and blaming everything but himself instead of taking responsibility and changing his behavior: Faced with this failure, Boogie took down and deleted his New Years resolution video from his Youtube channel. Boogie's tendency to personally attack people for criticizing him: It's no secret that Boogie2988 cannot handle criticism well and thinks very lowly of people who dare criticize his behavior. Previously stating that he believes those who dislike him and/or criticize him are worse than Nazis and rapists: But recently he has begun to respond to criticism by personally attacking both the intelligence and the mental health of the people making the criticism. Boogie says people who stop watching and stop being fans of him are stupid: Boogie says anyone who believes he has lied or been manipulative is stupid: Boogie tells a concerned fan to "be smarter" when the fan begins to question Boogie's honesty: Boogie calls a concerned fan "unstable" and delusional for questioning him: Boogie being passive aggressive to a former fan: Boogie tells someone questioning his manufactured internet personality that they're being gaslit: Boogie responds to another concerned fan, telling them they're being gaslit: Boogie accuses his critics of being manipulators: Boogie calls someone deluded for criticizing him for being manipulative: Boogie insulting a critic calling them a "church mom" for thinking suicide jokes are in bad taste: Boogie suggesting people who criticize him are miserable and lack empathy: Boogie tells another former fan that they got manipulated: Boogie calls someone stupid for criticizing him about his frequent use of censorship: Boogie saying anyone who questions his car accident story is delusional for not believing him: Boogie calls someone criticizing him crazy: Boogie telling more former fans they got gaslit and manipulated: Boogie calling people who don't like his jokes "neckbeards": Miscellaneous and trivial lies: While being criticized for not having played all the games on his personal disappointing games list, Boogie responds by claiming he did play "every game on the list" while accusing the person of being a liar. However in the very same comment section Boogie admitted previously to another user that he didn't play fifa: Boogie lying about how much he weighed when he graduated High School when he compared it to his current weight loss: Boogie using old scale pictures for weight loss updates: Boogie lying about having never been a centrist: In a 2016 tweet Boogie says he's seen every fast and furious movie then in a 2019 travel vlog says he's never seen any of the fast and furious movies. Boogie lying about getting his passport:.

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