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The Identity Theft Of Mitch Mustain

23.10.2015 In 2005, Mitch Mustain was the most decorated high school football player in all of America. Named the first ever consensus Gatorade, Parade, and USA Today Player of the Year, Mustain grabbed the spotlight from future NFL. First of all, I would like to say I have watched a good number of movies, documentaries, etc. in my day and this is my first and only Review I've ever posted. I literally had to create an IMDB account in order to do so. I guess his story really resonated with me for one reason or another. Being originally from Philadelphia (Go E A G L E S) and growing up in South Florida my whole life, I was reluctant to spend an hour and a half watching a documentary about an Arkansas "hometown hero" who I only vaguely remember. That is to say I really had never heard his story just recall the name. Which is a pretty great football name. To quote one of the reporters. in the documentary. Anyway, before I decided to click "Watch Now" I had navigated away from this flick several times on Amazon Prime but I found myself (for reasons unknown) going back again and again until I finally gave it a shot. I plan on sharing this with my wife and kids as there are a lot of wonderful life lessons. Most important of all is that in this short life you have to grow up and do what you dreamed of doing and not live out the dreams of others. In all honesty, I guess it all boils down to is that I really like this guy. He has had a roller coaster of a life and went from receiving ultimate praise to unending hate for not fulfilling other people's dreams of superstardom. Through it all he seemed to remain himself. Which is probably why he didn't become NFL quarterback. That being said I wish I had some more friends like him.

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