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Vague but disquieting rumours of demonic activity shroud Goksung--a sleepy rural hamlet nestled deep in a damp mountainous region--as a rare spate of grisly murders coupled with a fiery outbreak of an unexplained virulent disease bring disaster in the once-peaceful village. From this silent but dreadful curse, no one is safe; not even police sergeant Jong-goo's only daughter, Hyo-jin, whose frail young body already shows clear signs of the vicious infection. More and more, the community's suspicions fall on the newly arrived reclusive stranger who lives high in the mountains; however, is he, truly, the root of all evil? In the end, are there, indeed, dark forces at work? liked it=34767 Votes year=2016 Creator=Hong-jin Na 7,7 of 10 stars

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This was a really complex thriller. You may get 100 different interpretations of it. Here is mine. We start off with a bumbling, Keystone-like cop, but a good family man. In fact, he is told he "wears little girl pants and has balls the size of peas" because apparently he is very cowardly. Until he realizes his daughter is in danger among the strange happenings in the village, and the one, lone strange man who happens to be the instigator - or is it just a coincidence that he should arrive in town at that time? There are times The Japanese man seems innocent, almost frail. Other times, he seems like an evil force to be reckoned with.



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