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David Sauers

duration=1h, 19minute

average rating=7,2 / 10

Description="Murder Inside of Me" revolves around a tight group of friends living in Orange County, Southern California, who discover that Kile has a secret he's been hiding from everyone, including his fiance; Paige. He suffers from schizophrenia. Following a series of family tragedies, he decides to stop taking his medication. And once the daily trials of life become too much to bear, he begins slipping over the edge. Eventually ending up on the streets, his friends struggle with the silence, not knowing whether Kile is healthy, or even alive

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Songs from Murder Inside of Me. December 26 As Larissa sat alone in a loud, almost empty bar, a small smile slowly made an appearance on her face just as “Across 110th Street” from Bobby Womack began playing from the jukebox. She was so pleased with herself. At exactly 12:00AM, which was just about 5 minutes away, Larissas husband was going to get his late Christmas gift. As she stirred the remains of her long island iced tea, which was pretty much ice cubes at this point, her small smile suddenly developed into a large.

Murder Inside of Me (2009.

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