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The Young Girl and the Monsoon is a movie starring Terry Kinney, Ellen Muth, and Mili Avital. A photojournalist (Terry Kinney) upsets his daughter (Ellen Muth) and loses his girlfriend (Mili Avital) by covering stories in remote and

Countries USA

Directed by James Ryan

1h 30 m

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This movie is played all the time on showtime, if you ever want to see it. Plus it is coming out on DVD (15,000) copies sometime soon. It is a beautiful story about complicated relationships both parental and romantic. Personally, I think Mili Avital did a beautiful job, as she always does, and I wish that i could see her more often in movies. She was once named most promising actress. but i haven't seen her in much. Well good luck Mili and see this movie, a solid independent film and moving story. The Young Girl and the Monsoon. "The Young Girl and the Monsoon" tells of a divorced NYC man (Kinney) in a sort of middle-age crisis mode trying to manage the women in his life (lover, daughter, associate/friend) and eventually having to come to grips with them all. An all talk and no action light drama with a sense of humor, this little ensemble indie delivers a thin story about issues with solid performances by all though Muth upstages her co-stars with a sterling performance as a typically brittle teen. Perhaps the best part of the film is just watching some oft unseen actors ply their craft in fine often a rarity, especially in indies. Recommended for mature adults who can identify with the issues.


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