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Genre: Mystery Tony Phelan Score: 15 votes actor: Steve Kazee Director: James Strong

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  1. tomatometers 8,6 / 10 Star
  2. David Wilkinson
  3. movie Info A film made by and featuring those who voted Remain in the UK's EU Referendum vote, the 48%, to show the other 27 EU Member States that it was far from a landslide victory and just why we are fighting to stay part of the EU
  4. Release year 2018
  5. Ian McEwan, Miriam Margolyes

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The Young Girl and the Monsoon is a movie starring Terry Kinney, Ellen Muth, and Mili Avital. A photojournalist (Terry Kinney) upsets his daughter (Ellen Muth) and loses his girlfriend (Mili Avital) by covering stories in remote and

Countries USA

Directed by James Ryan

1h 30 m

117 Votes

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Vague but disquieting rumours of demonic activity shroud Goksung--a sleepy rural hamlet nestled deep in a damp mountainous region--as a rare spate of grisly murders coupled with a fiery outbreak of an unexplained virulent disease bring disaster in the once-peaceful village. From this silent but dreadful curse, no one is safe; not even police sergeant Jong-goo's only daughter, Hyo-jin, whose frail young body already shows clear signs of the vicious infection. More and more, the community's suspicions fall on the newly arrived reclusive stranger who lives high in the mountains; however, is he, truly, the root of all evil? In the end, are there, indeed, dark forces at work? liked it=34767 Votes year=2016 Creator=Hong-jin Na 7,7 of 10 stars

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Directed by José Luis Sáenz de Heredia Runtime 90 minute Country Spain release year 1975

The Identity Theft Of Mitch Mustain Stream Movie Imdb 3091148 55

Directed by Matthew Wolfe 6,7 / 10 Stars Country USA Mitch Mustain Audience score 147 vote

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casts - Mohammad Arif Herati; ratings - 7,7 / 10 Stars; 8312 vote; review - In Afghanistan, during the Taliban regime, women are forbidden to work and to walk on the streets without the company of a male. The teenager girl Osama cuts her hair and dresses like a boy to get a job and support her widow mother and grandmother. There is no men in her family, since her father and her brother were killed in previous Afghan wars, and the family has no means of survival. When Osama, disguised as a boy, is called by the Taliban to join the school and military training, the boy Espandi tries to help her; genres - Drama

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  1. Il-guk Song
  2. 6,1 of 10 star
  3. release Date - 2015
  4. Tattooist Soo-na is one of the best tattoo-artists in South Korea. Her customers are the wealthy and the rich. She has no own studio, but therefore she visits her customers to make their tattoos. So they can keep their private life under wraps and Soo-na earns a lot of money. One day Ji-soo orders her to tattoo the head of the Medusa on his back. The Medusa is a monster from the Greek mythology with an ugly face and Hair made of snakes. Soo-na visits him regularly to draw always another snake to the head, which is quite strange. Why not getting the tattoo done in one session? But Soo-na has to face a terrible truth as she learns, that some girls in her city are missing. Because every time a girl get missing, Ji-soo orders another snake
  5. Writers - Seo Lee

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114 m

Four childhood friends, in northeast Los Angeles during the early 90's, discover the meaning of friendship while experiencing the comedic ups and turbulent downs of their impoverished lives


casts=Chris Giuffria, Rudy Nunez


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81 Min

7,3 of 10 star

Directors=Július Matula


Actors=Václav Knop

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