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directed by Angelo Colagrossi
tomatometers 4,8 / 10 star
liked It 1162 votes
country Germany

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Sami Parkkinen / Runtime - 102 min / Finland / actors - Oiva Lohtander / Release year - 2008


  • Runtime: 1hour 23 Minutes
  • tomatometer: 6,7 / 10
  • Rating: 23 Vote
  • Documentary


Summary: Jeeva's mysterious past, which results in the death of his family members, leads him to take up life as a cold-blooded criminal. Jeeva usually receives contracts and kills for the right amount. He moves into an apartment and gets acquainted with the girl next door named Kiran Bali. One day both of them witness the brutal murder of the entire Bali family. Kiran is the sole survivor. Upon telephoning the police to register FIR for the murders, she comes to realize that the police are also involved in the murder of her family. With no one to turn to, Kiran takes up residence with Jeeva. Watch what transpires when the people who assassinated Kiran's family offer Jeeva a contract to kill Kiran and Jeeva himself begins to fall in love with her; star: Bobby Deol, Farida Jalal; 2000; countries: India; 4,9 of 10 star

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Genre - Thriller / 1987 / Carles Balagué / country - Spain / 92 minutes

Movie En Veedu En Kanavar PutLocker youtube Full Movie Free megavideo

Audience Score=80 votes
En Veedu En Kanavar is a movie starring Suresh, Nadia Moidu, and Aachi Manorama. When Gayathri kills her husband after a troubled married life, her best friend Radha also decides to test whether or not her husband loves her
directed by=Senbaga Raman

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country Poland; Marian Opania, Henryk Bista; Liked it 108 Votes; genre Drama; Average Rating 7,5 of 10 star


Genre=Short; star=Terrie Brigham; 2018

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M. David Lee III Rating 7,6 of 10 stars actors Eddie Cody, Bevan Bell Country USA M. David Lee III

Alberto Sordi Ab in den Knast

  1. writers=Alberto Sordi, Rodolfo Sonego
  2. The incorruptible judge Annibale Salvemini, starts investigating over a classic Italian business/politics/corruption affair. He start to operate, as usual, very strongly. He orders numberless arrests. But the reaction of counterparts won't take long. In fact his strong energetic manners, drive him unintentionally on the opposite situation. Who is the real guilty the judge or the corrupted Italian society?
  3. Casts=Joe Pesci
  4. Country=Italy
  5. Scores=205 Vote

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