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casts - Eddie Griffin writed by - Eddie Griffin Genre - Comedy Summary - Eddie Griffin: Undeniable is a TV special starring Eddie Griffin. This comedy special is Eddie Griffin's magnum opus about the world, relationships and humanity as a whole Average Rating - 5,6 of 10 Star

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Eddie Griffin: Undeniable



Those 89 dislikes are definitely racist... DICE = Griffin. I love listening to people with stories speak truths. Start your free trial to watch Eddie Griffin: Undeniable and other popular TV shows and movies including new releases, classics, Hulu Originals, and more. Its all on Hulu. Excellent. Donald Trump supporters would label this movie a zero if they could. Anyone who doesn't like the truth about America would label this a zero if they could. Eddie griffin is definitely in your face with this one,holds no punches and is sorry for nothing. You're either going going to like this a lot or absolutely hate it. I can guarantee the low ratings come strictly from offended people who either don't get or don't want to get the humor. If you have been an Eddie griffin fan for a long time,watch this,because when has he not been funny? Ignore the ratings,the humor will go over the head of most conservatives,trump supporters and sensitive people.

Comedian Eddie Griffin celebrates his 30-year anniversary in comedy with a performance in Boston that offers his point of view on the state of the world, politics, racism, relationships, religion. Watch stream eddie griffin: undeniable movie. Watch stream eddie griffin: undeniable live. Hes wearing a punjabi suit called kurta pajama. Watch stream eddie griffin: undeniable love. Eddie Griffin, Old Men Taking Viagra, Vimeo On. I don't understand all the negative reviews for his performance. Eddie is real, he doesn't sugar coat anything. He reveals and says what most people refuse to say or are afraid to admit. We all know racism is very real and rampant, more now than ever. To say Eddie is racist is ridiculous. He's calling people out, closeted racists and people who are trying to be polite with their racism. Things most people reveal about themselves behind closed doors, Eddie brings to the forefront! He may be vulgar in his delivery, but he is on point.

03/02/2018 Eddie Griffin performs regularly at the Rio Las Vegas, The Comedy Get Down Tour 2018 and his stand-up comedy show Undeniable is currently touring the USA. Watch other funny YouTube clips of Eddie. Watch Eddie Griffin: Undeniable (2018) Full Movie. Master p most underrated hustler of all time. Michaels Still at the Pearly Gates. Eddie Griffin. Eddie I like the idea of having fun with the race thing man but you keep playing with them crazy ass white folks as you would say? Hahaha yeah they be coming to beat that ass for you to. I love you brother but dang don't throw it down like we can't get along with everyone else man you got the stage and brains to bring us all together and I mean human race nothing more nothing less that's what we is! Help don't think about it just do yo thang and bring on home too the people. Jmo.

Glad I stumbled on this video. Sometime we take for granted some of our entertainers and don't realize their struggle and contribution. So I'm thankful this vid helped me to better appreciate Mr Eddie G.




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