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genre - Drama / writer - Kali Rocha / release Date - 2014 / 93 Minutes / directed by - Jack Plotnick

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Duration: 1 hour 45 Minutes. liked it: 29 vote. 7,2 / 10 Star. India. Review: Bal Ganesh is a movie starring Avtar Gill, Neelu Kohli, and Dolly Minhas. Bal Ganesh is the story of the elephant headed God, Lord Ganesh's childhood. The story centers around the exploits of Lord Ganesh, his companion Mooshak, the

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Actors - Emile Hirsch; Creators - Sean Penn; user rating - 9 / 10 star; review - After graduating from Emory University, top student and athlete Christopher McCandless abandons his possessions, gives his entire $24,000 savings account to charity and hitchhikes to Alaska to live in the wilderness. Along the way, Christopher encounters a series of characters that shape his life; Country - USA

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Info Romeo is a TV movie starring Martina Gedeck, Sylvester Groth, and Katrin Bühring. Great and important movie about the German-German Cold War history. Or did you know that East-German spies never were prosecuted in the re-united

genre Thriller

7,2 of 10 star



For Rachel and Jane, the only way out is D.O.A. - Dead On Arrival. Money runners and assassins for a powerful drug lord, they know way too much to just wash their hands and walk away from all the violence, death and destruction. But when Rachel is brutally murdered in a drug deal gone bad, Jane calls it quits and takes to the open road for survival

writed by - Mike Lee Beesley


Director - Mike Lee Beesley

score - 21 votes

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Average Ratings: 7,4 / 10; genre: Documentary; Nicholas Schatzki; Sandra Gregory

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cast=Trisha Noble. 6,8 / 10 Stars. release Date=1982. Writer=Walter Halsey Davis. Australia

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In 2009, and after 22 years in prison, a former ETA's terrorist named Santi is released due to the Parot Doctrine (a polemic judicial resource to liberate activists and terrorists according their sentences and years in detention). Santi travels a little town of Cabo de Gata, Almería (south to Spain) to meet Emilio, a friend and former cellmate. During a visit to the hospital where Emilio in, Santi meets accidentally Marina, who faints after to see him. Obsessed with the killer of her father when she was 8 years old (who died when both walk by the street, being witness of the crime), Marina watches Santi and one day she close to him. After shooting him three times, Marina escapes from the place, just to return minutes later to use all her knowledge as doctor to heal his hurts. Meanwhile Marina's husband starts to suspect about her strange behavior, Santi finally heals of his hurts, at the same time that he and Marina tries overcoming the painful past that it binds them, in a stranger relationship that will change everything around them
User ratings=6,2 / 10 star
Creators=Daniel Cebrián, Imanol Uribe
Ignacio Mateos
directed by=Imanol Uribe

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director LI Shuen Lam; Duration 12minutes; LI Shuen Lam; Country Singapore

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