1337x sharefile directed by Ursula Meier Shock Waves: Diary of My Mind (tv)

Tomatometer 8 / 10 Stars
country Switzerland
Star Fanny Ardant
Directed by Ursula Meier

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Shock Waves: Diary of My Mind



It's like I want to laugh but I'm really creeped out. This has touches of past Lanthimos' films yet it is very accessible. My favorite movie of the year. Emma stone is so incredibly versatile and talented, already from this it seems like another oscar nomination on the way. This film is an absolute masterpiece. Saw it and it was hilariously devilish. YESYESYESYES! Congratulations to both Yorgoses, Lanthimos for nomination in best directing and Mavropsaridis for nomination in best editing! <3. Shock Waves: Diary of My minds. Shock Waves: Diary of My mind map. Ursula Meier returns in short, sharp form with this needling, fact-based moral puzzler, brilliantly performed by Fanny Ardant and Kacey Mottet Klein. Such questions are raised — but never too patly answered — in "Shock Waves - Diary of My Mind, Swiss director Ursula Meier's short, riveting.

Shock Waves: Diary of My mindfulness. The ending is great everyone the Queen favours is nothing more but a bunny in her endless collection of rabbits. When i saw Yorgos Lanthimos name on the screen and the music started wait a minute ok this would be uncomfortable beautifully dark intense comedy drama.

Shock Waves: Diary of My mind's eye

Deserved so many more awards but at least Colman got hers. Performance of the year. Shock Waves: Diary of My mind body. Shock waves - diary of my mind (2018. The movie was very well done and the acting is super, BUT it is not for everyone. I was bored out of my mind in the middle of it. Shock Waves: Diary of My mind the gap. Shock Waves: Diary of My mindy. That movie... I mean it leaves you such a feeling for many days. But that's what makes this movie a masterpiece. You can feel so much the charachter's feelings it is just amazing. Congratulions Γιωργο! We love you♥️ Lots of kisses from Greece💘.

Congratulations to Olivia for winning the Oscars 2019. Cannot wait to see the Crown now. Netflix, bring it on.


Looking forward to this experience yorgos. Emma is perfect in this role ! I cannot wait to watch this. THIS IS A PURE MASTERPIECE. SIMPLY A STRONG DARK HORSE IN THE OSCAR RACE. Where's Ryan Gosling. Director: Ursula Meier. Swiss/French director Ursula Meier's psychological thriller was initially commissioned for a four-part Swiss TV series focusing on shocking local crimes. Kacey Mottet Klein plays Benjamin Feller. The cinematography is unique. 0:33 Labor pains. After Oscars. I will watch anything that has Rachel weisz in it. She is the best actress of all time. Rachel. Rachel. Rachel. I'm in!❤. As Queen Anne is portrayed as an old woman, this means some time has passed since the Act of Union 1707. The bio is incorrect. England was a country before 1707. Post-1707 as the Act of Union was passed, it became Great Britain as it unified with Scotland (and Wales) to create one sovereign country. Not surprised Hollywood is geographically daft.


Shock Waves: Diary of My mind mapping. This looks amazing. Cant wait to watch it. Shock Waves: Diary of my mind.



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